With a cartoonist’s pen at the Benaki Museum

What are cartoonists doing at the Museum?
Are cartoons appropriate for museums?
This is an exhibition installation from the latest crop of cartoonists, whose starting point and topic are the hard times we're going through.
Cartoonists deny that humour is facing any crisis; on the contrary, they find humour in the crisis. And if art is a very serious affair, then humour is even more serious, however paradoxical that may appear.
With a cartoonist’s pen at the Benaki Museum constitutes an intervention of contemporary sketch artists in the form of an artistic action, which shows that cartoons can’t be placed in a box, due to their presence in the Press; that they can't be held separate from the visual arts; that they suffer no complexes, just because their attention goes on current affairs and passing trends. Without pretending to constitute monumental art, they know how to find a permanent place in the minds and hearts of their readers.

21/09/2011 - 02/10/2011

Benaki Museum
Pireos Street

Greek Cartoonists Association with the support of the Benaki Museum


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