A hard day's work!

It all started on April 2nd as a side project due to International Children's Book Day. Kids (aged 6 to 11) were asked to write a story inspired by 2 drawings from two illustrators. Fellow cartoonist Dimitris Georgopalis and me were asked to join the project so we sent them two (random) illustrations of our collection to begin with.

My choice was a Naked King drawing (made after Andersen's tale) whereas Georgopalis sent his flexible frog (made for the occasion of a picture book). Now it was children's turn to do the rest. 
When project was finished, their teachers invited us to meet the students and listen to their story. Then, we had a 2 hour workshop illustrating the story and produce a children's picture book. Students learned the tricks of an illustrator's and we worked under tight deadline -as always!

Work on progress!

Me, working! (spot me on the left).

Dimitris Georgopalis, his frog, me and my naked king!

Me, happy with finished artwork!

My final artwork ( family photo: two kings and a frog ).

Special thanks to 20th Public Primary School of Ilioupoli, Athens, Greece for the invitation! Photos reveal that adults enjoyed it more than the kids!


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