When Salvador met Donald!

I made this illustration of my fave duck on his 75's B Day. I got inspired by his almost surreal endurance through time. His distinctive voice will echo to infinity and beyond along with his short temper, his aggressive nature and his positive attitude on life. 

Salvador Donald, by Maria Tzaboura

The dream state is very important in Surrealism, but jokes, humor, sarcasm and wordplay are also central to Surrealist art. Same as in comics.  

Salvador's Dali painting "Melting clocks" (Persistence of Memory) occurred to me as a fine allegory for melting away time, as a birthday present to my beloved duck! 

Last summer, while reading a Don Rosa's Scrooge adventure I came across with this frame. It seems that Donald had already been introduced to Dali's art long before my drawing. "Great minds think alike".

"Black knight glorps again" by Don Rosa, 1998

Salvador Donald by me

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